NOTD – Cherry Blossoms: Wet n Wild Megalast & Maybelline Color Show Jewels

After long days of gloomy weather in SoCal, the sun has finally come out! It has inspired me to create this simple gradient look and since winter is coming to a close and Spring is just around the corner, I feel it’s very appropriate. ūüôā The base is Wet n Wild Megalast in 203B 2% Milk with Maybelline Color Show Jewels in 600 Precious Pearl on top. I kind of feel like a princess wearing these nail polishes. I seem to gravitate¬†to this style a lot! Remember the Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradient Nail Kit?! Lol. I like pink! Though I don’t prefer wearing pink clothing, accessories and everything else is too cute not to love. To each their own, right? Anyway, even though this mani is so cute, it didn’t really last that long. But, I’m not surprised considering how much I paid for these two polishes, which was less than $5. lol. You pay for what you get for, as they say! Well, good thing I get bored of my manicures quite easily! Haha.

Onwards to the pictures!


Summer 2014 Fashion Inspiration ft. Warby Parker

It’s officially summer!!! Boy, it’s HOT! ¬†(„ÄÉÔľěÔľŅÔľú;„ÄÉ)

I actually haven’t done a fashion related post since we first launched HereForThePretty back in 2011! Wow. It’s been a while! So, I’m going to share with you today, my fashion inspired looks for the Summer season. When, I was a kid, I would always follow the trends, I was very much a follower and the late-bloomer! I would always wear what my friends would wear. I didn’t mind it, we all have our awkward phases! ūüôā Eventually, I started developing¬†my own sense of being. I no longer followed the trends and I didn’t even really start my own. I just wore what I wanted, be whoever I wanted to be that day. Just like make-up, fashion is a catalyst to the freedom of expressing yourself. It’s your own unique stamp, embossed into the whorls of the world. Even, by wearing the same shirt as another girl or whoever, it will look different on you than it does on her/whoever. That’s what is so great fashion and make-up! To make it your own, by creating something unique, that is yours alone. You know what they say! No, two snowflakes look alike! So embrace it, rock it out and be you! So, what do I look forward to in the summer? The colors! Bright, bold and lively¬†colors!

One of the favorite accessories for the summer is sunglasses! I love wearing shades not only for protection,¬†but¬†it always gives you a cool as a cucumber look. It can really bring an outfit together! Or give a different feel to an outfit all together! Since I do live in SoCal, protecting your eyes from the strong rays of the sun, is very important. Skin cancer around the eyes is very common nowadays! Also, sunglasses protect ours eyes from UV rays and Blue-light. UV rays can lead to cataracts. Blue-light, after long exposure can lead to macular degeneration–it can result in severe vision loss! Especially when driving, you have to protect your eyes from the glare and being potentially blinded! Both practical and fashionable!

After looking at the Warby Parker Spectrum Sun Collection, I have to say, I fell in love with the Hall in Cherry Blossom. Such a beautiful shade! Its frame, the epitome of cherry blossom pink is sublimely paired with a dusty purple lens. It bears the classic Wayfarer Style, which I believe, matches well with many different types of face shapes and probably one of my most favorite styles to wear. Another pair that caught my eye, was the Minnie in Eucalyptus. These round sunglasses have that retro 80s vibe. But, the eucalyptus green gives a fresh and modern feel. The next pair I gravitated to, was the Piper in Revolver Black. Even the name screams empowerment! This subtle cat-eye style adds a bit of sultriness, yet the monotone black lens, gives a bit of mystery. Likewise, all the trendsetting styles seen here, can also be found and purchased on the Warby Parker website, Not only will find various fashion forward sunglasses. They also have a varied selection of glasses, for both men and women! So, which pair of sunglasses piqued your fancy? We would love to hear your feedback, in the comments below!

warby parker 01

warby parker 02

warby parker 03

My favorites: Hall in Cherry Blossom, Minnie in Eucalyptus and Piper in Revolver Black 

Onward to the outfits–and the brief descriptions! I’ve also provided additional information about all the fashion items you’ll see here! ^. ~

When I first put this look together, I realized it was very patriotic. I really didn’t mean for that to happen. But, then I realized wouldn’t this make a very cute outfit for 4th of July! So, instead of completely scratching it and starting over, I kind of just went with it! Here in SoCal, the weather is as just as it’s rumored, it’s sunny almost all the time and it can get really hot. Especially now that Summer season is officially upon us. A light blouse, skirt and some open toed platform¬†sandals are perfect for this blazing heat! I’ve paired those¬†with a simple silver bow necklace and bucket bag with red lining to compliment the bright red skater skirt. I paired this outfit with Jeffery Campbells.¬†I really love Jeffery Campbells because even though they tend to be quite high-heeled, they are quite comfortable, especially because these are platforms–better arch support! Strappy shoes and the summer season, go hand in hand, probably because they look chic and keep your feet nice and cool!¬†The¬†Piper¬†in Revolver Black¬†would pair great with this outfit! It doesn’t clash with the bold colors from¬†the teal blouse, red skirt and matches seamlessly with the bucket bag. Lastly,¬†the sultry¬†cat-eye style, gives the whole look a dramatic feel!¬†Cool and sophisticated, rock on fashionista!



I don’t typically gravitate¬†towards pink clothing, but I like this flowery pale pink crop top because it’s not too loud and has a nice draping to it. What’s odd is, I do have an affinity with pink accessories, weird how that works out for me. I paired the crop top with these white¬†peplum pants, to give it a more fluttery effect. The strappy brown heels add to the flowiness factor, with ribbons of frill tied¬†at the back of the heels.¬†The pink statement necklace gives a bit of glamour and the simple gold bracelet watch, ties together¬†the rest of the accessories. Since the whole outfit is very soft, a bright pink tote bag gives the whole look a bit of pop of color and boldness, without clashing with the lush earthy undertones. I think this outfit would be great for a date with your S/O or even going to class, though the heels may be too much for class! The shades of pink, pair well with the rich browns and the gold accents. When I put together outfits, I typically figure out what colors are harmonious together before going into other details. It’s no wonder why the¬†Hall in Cherry Blossom¬†would compliment this ensemble! The angular shape of theses sunglasses, gives this soft, flirty outfit, the edge it needs. Classic meets chic!



This is probably my most favorite outfit of the three. Lace is such a great accent, it gives little delicate touch depending on the pattern of the lace. Sometimes, lace comes off as old-fashioned or overly sexy! I feel that this flower-like pattern is right in the middle, not too old-fashioned but not too sexy either. It’s great because you dress up or down accordingly to the accessories you pair it with. I’ve been a huge fan of statement necklaces lately (as you can see with the last look!), I especially love this mint one, it’s soft and girly. The tan leather backbag is simple yet playful. It’s also¬†great for weekend trips or just spending the day out with friends. Furthermore,¬†it leaves your hands free for exploring, say on a hike or even shopping sessions with your gal pals. Platforms are great for any season, but l love these¬†white platform heels,¬†with an¬†ankle strap. The ankle strap adds a dainty doll feel¬†and its white¬†color makes it¬†easy to pair with a lot of your (summer) outfits. It also gives you a little height without being too high and platforms as I said before, are much more comfortable because there is more arch support. Lastly, denim shorts are a much needed basic staple to have¬†during¬†the Summer season. Definitely, guaranteed to keep you cool from the sweltering heat! Don’t forget that sunscreen! These¬†shorts¬†because they are a¬†dark forest green (it’s pretty neutral)¬†can be easily matched with array of different tops, such as crop tops (as pictured), blouses, t-shirts and everything else your heart desires. Very versatile! To top off this look, I chose the¬†Minnie in Eucalyptus!¬†It’s oversized, rounded, green frames–makes this outfit, scream, retro 80s with a modern glam!¬†Vintage, with contemporary twist!



Those were my fashion must-haves for this Summer season! I hope this post sparked inspiration for your summer outfits. Let me know below, what fashion items you are loving this summer!

Until next time,


JustFab – Sherona Wedge Sneakers (Impressions & Review)

Hello, dearies!! I just got my JustFab package in the mail today, 4/23/2013! Totally excited to test these little babies out!presentation_sherona

Images & Info provided by

*UPDATE* So I finally had a chance to wear my Sherona Wedge Sneakers just yesterday. Since we were celebrating my cousin’s bday, it was the perfect opportunity. When I first put them on I kinda of felt empowered, but in no way a sexual way. LOL. I felt tall and confident. Everything a woman in these times needs to be. I know that might sound a little silly! But, it could be my age that makes me revolve around being so independent and strong. Strange how fashion can make oneself feel so beautiful! Fashion sets us apart from others, makes us feel unique. It’s one of the best ways to express yourself. I have to say this because it seems to be a problem amongst girls/women nowadays; even if you wear the same top or style as another girl, it doesn’t mean you are copying each other. It’s going to look different on you as it does on her. No one is exactly the same even if you are twins. So, flaunt what you got with confidence, dear! Little bit of a random tangent, nevertheless pretty important, back to the review!

Time for a little back story, is an online monthly subscription service. They’re plenty subscription services out there nowadays, some of the popular ones include, LittleBlackBag, Glossybox, Birchbox, Beautybox, JulepMaven, ShoeDazzle, JewelMint etc. They are so many that it’s pretty hard to catch up. I’ve heard they even have food related subscriptions now! I would totally sign up since I’m such a foodie, but I’d be totally broke! Hahaha! Anyway, JustFab is a website that sells fashion statement items such as shoes, handbags, apparel and accessories at a reasonable price. Kimora Lee Simmons, former model and the creative force behind the brand BabyPhat, is President and Creative Director of JustFab. She states that fashion shouldn’t have to be expensive in order for one to look amazing.

So, how does JustFab work? (Citation from

  • Get a personalized boutique on the 1st of every monthReceive new styles handpicked just for you by our stylist each month
  • Visit your boutique by the 5th of the monthLog into your Boutique and check out your new selections by the 5th of the month. Browse and buy your favorite style. Each JustFab style is only $39.95.
  • No obligation to buy. Skip Any month.If you you’re not ready to make a purchase, simply Skip The Month by the 5th and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you’d like. If you do not take action by the 5th, you will be charged $39.95 for a member credit on the 6th. Each credit can be redeemed for 1 JustFab style, so use it to shop later

Now that you know an overview of JustFab, I want to say that I really enjoyed buying these shoes. The website is clean, color-coated and really easy to navigate. Plus, the reviews from actually buyers were extremely helpful. I would talk about JustFab more but I feel that you, my dear readers should check out the site and see for yourself. It’s quite fun taking the style quiz too and see what they pick out for you. Btw, I’m not sponsored by JustFab! These are just my own opinions.

Wedge sneakers have actually been popular in Asia for a long time. Yet, the trend is just coming here to the US. I’ve always wanted a pair, but I couldn’t find any that I really loved. I wanted a unique looking pair of wedge sneakers, even though the styles that are typically in department stores appealed to me. When I saw these bad boys on JustFab, I instantly gravitated to them. They looked different from the wedge sneakers I had seen. More importantly, they were taupe! I love neutral colors, they go with everything! After reading the reviews, I couldn’t help buying a pair and the price just beckoned to me. I paid about $21.75 USD. It would have been less but since I live in CA, I had to pay extra taxes. -.-;;;;;




I had to wait about a week and half to receive my package. It was quite a hefty package at that, I thought it didn’t belong to me at first. It came with my Sherona Wedge Sneakers, of course, a catalog and information about returns and such. When I opened the shoe box, the shoes were wrapped nicely in tissue paper and my very first impression was, “Wow, it’s just like the shoe I saw online!” I was quite pleased, because even the color was true to the picture. I saw a review that said it was more of a green than a taupe, but I completely disagree with that. Maybe from afar you’d think that, but these shoes are definitely taupe. I saw a few inconsistencies but nothing worthy of disdain, so I was happy. For the price, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything amazing. I used to order from wholesale sites and it was definitely cheap but when I received my items, they were definitely cheap. Lol. You get what you pay for as they say. But these shoes, they looked expensive and when I put them on for the first time they were surprisingly comfortable! They were squishy, almost padded. The first time I wore them, I didn’t wear them long enough to say they are comfortable in the long run. The next few times, I’d wore them to run errands and my feet were completely happy campers. No pain whatsoever! I went grocery shopping just fine with these babies on and I was even able drive them on without the high wedges bothering me too much. What I really love besides the fact it is very comfortable to wear is, that you can wear them down, for say, everyday looks and dress them up, for say, going out with the gals. Multifunctional! Who doesn’t love that? More bang for you buck! Plus, they make you feel tall without making you feel like your going to fall on your butt if you take more than five steps. The heel is about 3”. So it is great for shorties, like myself!

Bottom Line:

Price: Definitely a steal!

Versatility: Great for everyday wear, parties, casual events or going out on the town with the girls.

True to size: Some people had problems saying the shoes were smaller or narrower than usual and that you should order at least a half a size up. But, I’m usually a solid size 8 and I did not have this problem even though I do have wide feet. These shoes did not squish my wide feet at all. Some reviewers, also said you need to wear thinner socks to wear with these shoes. But, I used my regular sporty everyday socks, which have a pretty good thickness to them, and I had no problems. Good to note, however.

True to picture: Yes! It looks just like the picture you see on JustFab. The color, the laces, everything! I was quite pleased.

Comfort: I would say these are pretty comfortable! I went shopping in them and ran errands all day with them on. My heels started to feel a bit comfortable after like 6+ hours, but not to the point where I felt that I needed to take off the shoes. It was just a feeling of being on your feet all day–just tired. Then again, all shoes would feel like that after wearing them all day.

Would you recommend this shoe: This is a question they ask other users who’ve purchased that shoe in particular on JustFab. Yes, I would recommend this shoe to a friend or even a stranger if they asked. *wink* They have. Hehe.

I hope you enjoyed my latest review. This is Marissa, over and out!

OH! And this gets Mar-Stamp of Approval! Yeaaa! lol. ^^;;;


Unfortunately, the Sherona Wedge Sneakers in color I have are now sold out! The black and white color is still available for purchase, if you want this style act fast!

Forever 21 Mini Haul + Fall/Winter Fashion Inspiration 2012

It’s Cold and Raining but I’m Loving it.

Even though a lot of areas close to me are under thunderstorm alert and flash flood warnings. I really hope this isn’t some sort of ill omen.

Courtesy of

(Left to Right) Essential Linen-Blend Shorts, Sleeveless Ruffle Trimmed Shirt, Matelot Trouser Shorts

Anyways, Forever 21 recently had a no minimum free shipping in celebration of Columbus Day, so I just had to buy something. BTW, I prefer shopping on their website most of the time but I do go in store and try things to see if certain styles work for me, first. The benefit from shopping online is you don’t have other people tampering with the clothes. Haven’t you ever bought something to find out later that previous person had smudged their make-up on them or broke something on it or even random loose threads and holes? I have and that’s why, you always need to check your merchandise before you purchase!! Or else you’ll go home, be excited of what you bought and then cry, because there is something wrong with it! But, I’m sure you already knew that. ūüôā So, I purchased three items and one of them is already completely sold out on the site. I figured I would make a combination of what I would pair these three items with. Funny thing, I actually bought two pairs of shorts. I know, it’s going to be cold and maybe raining (hopefully, we need it). But, I just bought two pairs of knee high boots and I thought they would look great with shorts. Third item, is a sleeveless blouse, which I thought I could put under a blazer to keep warm and put together but also chic. Lately, I’ve been investing in pieces that I could wear everyday but most importantly, pieces I could dress up for work related situations. I’m currently searching for an appropriate job for myself and it’s been horribly depressing. Hahaha. What can I say? Anyway, getting my MFA has always been an option for me, so I am looking for graduate programs that would fit me. So far it’s been positive, some are insanely expensive while others are pretty reasonable. I prefer a two-year program but a three-year program would be awesome too. Anyone know of one? (I’m looking for a MFA program in Graphic Design, but more precisely in Web Design.) I’m willing to move out to where the school is. I’m thinking San Francisco or New York maybe even aboard? I’ve always wanted to move somewhere else, to pursue my dreams–in a place where no one knows me or has any negative view of me or thinks I’m too weird, or whatever. Yet, I’d miss my friends and family so much but it would honestly nice to just book myself a one way ticket to mysterious new land, fill of adventures, misadventures and just something–new and different. Wouldn’t it be nice? But, let’s be real, it’s not all fairy-tales and sparkles and ponies. I may be an optimist and an idealist but I’m not delusional. So, what were talking about it? LOL. Okay, so enjoy the imagery.

I love cardis and blazers to add warmth and awesomeness to my outfits. But I think adding chunky scarfs, long chained necklaces and statement looking bangles is a close second. Remember: Try not to over accessorize. It muddles your outfit–overwhelming and drowning it, making it look not cohesive. I can say, I am minimalist at heart, in practically everything I do. ūüôā But, hey, that’s just how I prefer things. Anyone hear of deco-deco? It’s highly decorated, colorful accessorized outfits to the max. I don’t personally like it but I don’t hate it, it’s fascinating.

fall/winter fashion inspirations

More of a neutral warm toned outfit. Romantic and girly. ūüôā

Casual chic. Simple and clean.

Cool toned outfit. Sleek, dark & sophisticated.

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