SKINFOOD: Peach Sake Pore BB Cream #3 Sand Beige


Skinfood is another Korean based cosmetics company. Just as the name suggests, the cosmetics line is based off foods that are made just for the skin–food for your skin! lol. In this case, peaches and sake, which is also the name of this particular line. I hope that makes sense, sometimes I can’t explain things very well. ^^;;;; Lately, I’ve been digging Korean cosmetics and skincare items. If you saw my last post on the Korean products I bought from Wishtrend, you can see I’m pretty obsessed. There’s something about BB creams from Asia I like more than the American BB creams we have here. Maybe I just that I haven’t found one I like yet. Plus, they are kind of expensive. I can’t bring myself to pay $40+ for a BB cream when I can purchase Skinfood’s Peach Sake BB Cream for half the price. I might as well buy a HD Foundation at that price. I’ve noticed a lot of the American BB creams have pink undertones which really don’t work for Asian skin-tones. Sometimes they are so pink it looks like I have a rash. So, American BB creams usually aren’t for me. If you guys know any American BB creams that work great for Asian skin-tones, please let me know in the comments section below! I’d love to try a new BB cream! I’ve been contemplating buying the Lioele Triple Solution BB cream, I’ve been eying it for years now! Another Korean brand I’ve been also digging lately.

Anyway, Skinfood’s Peach Sake BB Cream comes in 8 shades, so it much more varied than the other BB creams on the market, which usually only have 1 to 2 shades available. If you mix them together you can get about 21 different skin colors. So this BB cream definitely reaches out to those with a darker complexions. This BB cream claims to be:

– A pore-refining BB cream

– Soothe oily and troubled skin

– Controls excessive sebum secretion

– Light-textured blemish cream

– Effectively conceals skin impurities

– Gives a natural coverage for a flawless complexion

– Eight different colors of BB cream

– Able to present up to 21 different skin colors when mixed


When I went for an interview at my local Skinfood they gave me these pamphlets to better assimilate myself with their products. Never got the job though! T.T LOL.


Here’s some basic information about this product. Which, I listed above as well.


Nice! It has 8 shades most BB creams only have one to two shades. Caters to those with yellow-under tones, like my Asian self.


It fits my neutral golden skin type nearly flawlessly. It make seem a little too dark for me, here on my hand, but it blends seamlessly into my face.

What negatives can I say about this BB cream? There is not much. But, this BB cream works much better on me during the spring and summer seasons than in the autumn and winter seasons. My skin gets really dry during autumn and winter seasons. So, this BB cream tends to accentuates my dry patches around my nose, the t-zone and on my chin. That is my one and only negative point I have of this BB cream.

Onward to the positives!

Price: About $16 USD without tax. I purchased mine from my local Skinfood store. You can learn more about Skinfood products at: ( I don’t know where else you can purchase all the other different shades because I’ve noticed other sites that carry this BB cream, only offer the shades #1 Light Beige and #2 Natural Beige. Which is unfortunate, because I’m guessing you can only purchase the other shades at your local Skinfood store, that is if you even have one. -.-;;;;; *UPDATE* According to other bloggers, the shades #3 to #8 are only available in the US!

Packaging: It’s in tube form with a pump applicator. Super convenient! The pump is really good, you can even control how much product you want easily. It’s really cute too, with the wooden cap and all, very rustic feel. I kinda wish Skinfood would update their logo because it seems so clunky to me. Debbie finds it funny that I judge packaging a lot, but I can’t help it, it’s in my nature after all. ^^;;;;; It’s the first thing you notice about a product, ne?

Fragrance: The smell is quite pleasant however it does not remind me of peaches or sake like the name says. It’s more of a mild sweet floral smell with hints of citrus, at least that’s how it smells on me. I like it and usually floral scents are unappealing to me, but I don’t mind this scent at all. It’s almost refreshing.

Consistency: Definitely not watery, but not super thick either. Creamy, light-weight texture. Spreads quite easily and blends quite easily as well. Sometimes I’ll have a patch that I didn’t blend in well, but that’s because I was in such a rush. What I mean, is it’s not one of those BB creams you can slather on without blending properly. But, honestly if need be, you can blend it out pretty quickly after it becomes a daily-routine-kind-of-thing.

Coverage: Light-to-Medium. Covers up redness to a certain degree doesn’t completely get rid of it though, you’re going to need concealer. However, it does smooth out your skin tone and it looks natural unless you put too much on. It’s buidable but if you put 3 or more layers you are going to see it cake on you and trust me, it ain’t pretty!!!

Overall: LOVE! I do really like this BB cream. I used to wear shade #4 Soft Beige but I’ve gotten a lot lighter during autumn and winter seasons, so I switched over to #3 Sand Beige. Why I love this BB cream so much? It does not break me out! Does not clog my pores or agitate my skin. It’s such a huge plus for me because I have sensitive acne-prone skin and to top it off I have eczema. So, I’m extremely happy that this BB cream doesn’t upset my darn delicate skin. The smell is a pleasant, mild flowery scent with what I think is a hint of citrus. In terms of coverage, it’s definitely light-to-medium. It does cover redness but it’s not full coverage by any means, use a concealer if you need it. The texture is pretty light, not watery not too thick. I love the packaging because you can control the amount of product. Super hygienic, it comes it tube and you do get 30ml, which lasts me several months with daily use. You don’t need to use that much to be honest, especially since this BB cream will cake on you if you pile on the layers. Not to say it’s not buildable but if you put too many layers, it will cake up on you. It does look natural on the skin as it claims to be and looks even better over a primer, my current favorite being The Porefessional from Benefit. The price isn’t too expensive compared to other BB creams in the market. Plus, every time I go to my local Skinfood they give me tons of samples to try. Love that! I think it’s worth the price IMO, because it works for me. There’s no uncertainly there, I know all I’ll used every last drop of this BB cream. I say give this BB cream a try, there’s several shades which you can mix if need be. Definitely not for those with dry skin, it will accentuate your dry patches/skin for sure. However, oily skin types, rejoice! This BB cream does keep the sebum at bay, I find by the end of the day I’m only slightly shiny. I have to note, I have oily/combination skin. I really do enjoy this BB cream. I hope if you try it out, it treats you well too!

Thank you for reading!  Please look forward to more from us! ❤