NYC – In a New York Color Minute (Quick Dry) & Long Wearing Nail Enamel (Review & Swatches)


I really am a nail polish addict. A week ago, while ago, I was hanging with Debbie, we were at CVS checking out the huge beauty clearance sale (check it out! It should still  be going on, I believe.) when I said, “I can’t buy anything! I’m still on my makeup ban! However, nail polish doesn’t count!!!” LOL. I may have not bought makeup products in about 5 months but I still have been purchasing nail polishes here and there. I can justify buying nail polish for some reason but not so much for make up. I think it’s because make up has a shorter shelf life compared to nail polish. Even though I wanted more nail polish, I couldn’t bring myself to pay for the more luxurious brands like, OPI, Essie, Orly, China Glaze, etc. Especially, right not now, as I’m on a budget. So, I went searching for cheap nail polishes and ended up in Target (Of course. lol.) where I was actually looking for Wet n’ Wild products. But, I realized that Target doesn’t carry this brand, total brain fart. Since I was already there, I continued searching and I came across a brand I haven’t used in ages, NYC (New York City). I think just like Wet n’ Wild, NYC doesn’t get enough praise and attention! Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow pigmentation rivals that of Urban Decay. It’s pretty freaking awesome considering it does this for the fraction of the price of just even one Urban Decay eyeshadow which is priced at like $17+. I was initially drawn to NYC because of the extremely low price of the NYC nail polishes. The prices vary between $.97-$1.50 depending where you go. At my CVS, the Quick Dry formula is more expensive than the Long Wearing Nail Enamel and at Target vice versa. Such a steal! Which is why I now have a little NYC nail polish collection growing in my room. I’ll say it, I’m an addict. It’s just too much fun!! Hey, I could be addicted to something way more detrimental!




While NYC’s nail polish is exceptional in quality for its price, the choices to chose from are underwhelming. There aren’t many colors, or shades or tints or tones available. With all the different type of nail polishes that give you textures, different finishes and a mesmerizing sheen, it’s hard for NYC to be noticed. Which is such a shame because I think they are exceptionally decent. If NYC would step up and add more to the collection, I definitely see myself using this brand for many years to come!






The Colors: 270 Sidewalkers (Grey Slate), 294 Lexington Yellow (Canary Yellow), 147 Lexington Lilac (Light Lilac), 119 Black Lace Creme (Truly Black), 152 Tudor City Teal (Sea foam Green) I say, its more of a sea foam green than a teal, definitely more green than blue–a tad deeper shade of sea foam green.


Swatches Galore!  Instead of doing swatches on my nails, I decided to do it on some heavy stock paper! You can see the pigmentation more easily. One coat of nail polish, to two coats, to three to four coats. Which to be honest, three-four coats seem like a lot but it dries quickly. It doesn’t have the opaque-ness of a higher quality polish, but considering the price, that makes sense.

Bottom Line:

Applicator: The Quick Dry formula comes with a much wider brush, which makes perfect sense because it dries within a minute; it covers a larger surface area with one swish. The Longer Wearing formula comes with a standard sized brush, much thinner than its counter-part.

Pigmentation: Definitely not bad for the price! They’re not streaky except for the yellow canary (294 Lexington Yellow) nail polish (Quick Dry Formula). That one was a little different in consistency compared to the four other nail polishes. The other colors I bought are: grey slate (270 Sidewalkers), light lilac (147 Lexington Lilac), black (119 Black Lace Creme) and (52 Tudor City Teal) sea foam green! Try to carefully apply your strokes to avoid possible streaking, try to keep the brush as parallel to the nail as possible. Just don’t apply a lot of pressure, that adds to the streakiness! Glide the brush over the nails to avoid that. I feel this helps for optimum coverage and evenness.

Consistency: I found that it does bubble on you if you apply too many layers or if you apply it too thickly. Just apply thinner strokes! I noticed that with a nearly every nail polish though but some do bubble more than others, this one is definitely one that bubbles moderately. My bottle has gotten gooey,  it’s dried out so the formula is not as viscous as when I first bought, but that’s an easy fix, just put a few drops of polish thinner in the bottle. I found that both formulas dry quite quickly, so make sure you don’t leave the top off too long!

Price: You can’t beat the price at $.97-$1.50. BTW, I live in Southern California.

Durability: Quite good. Tends to chip around the edges of the nail in a about week. Pretty standard. The Long Wearing Nail Enamel is definitely more durable than the Color Minute (Quick Dry), hence the name! ^-^

Versatility: Not the most varied collection out there. Not many variations of shades, tints, or tones but a decent amount of colors.

Overall: I really like these polishes given the price point. A lot of really cheap nail polish end up giving me cheap results, but I feel that the NYC Nail Polishes give me a decent quality without the hefty price. Just like most nail polishes however they do tend to stain my nails a little more than say OPI or the brands I mentioned above. This is pretty much unavoidable, I don’t think it’s really a negative. Just remember to use a base coat! Also, buff your nails after you remove your nail polish. Then give your nails a little love, let them remain nail polish free for a few days to give them a little break! ^-^

I love that NYC has decent quality nail polishes but I wish they would come out with more colors, shades, tints and tones and maybe even some textured nail polishes, like the OPI Liquid Sand Collection. Overall, I think it’s worth your money but it terms off versatility it’s quite lacking. I still give it my Mar-stamped approval but reluctantly since I think NYC can do better.

Thank you for reading!! I have plenty posts in the works, hope to hear from us soon! Mar, in and–OUT!

My Experience With Invisalign So Far


Was it worth the money?

Check out the brief update of my Invisalign experience in, Part Two: Refinements Also, don’t forget to read the my final thoughts of my Invisalign experience, Part Three: Final Thoughts (pictures of my progression included!)

A few years back, a lot of my friends started to get braces and after a lot of contemplation I also thought my smile could be better. I ultimately decided I wanted to straighten my teeth as well. But, I did not want standard braces, at all. But, thinking about it, it would have probably cheaper and more practical. I’m not going to say I have any regrets choosing Inivisalign over regular braces. To be truthfully honest, I’m the type that doesn’t believe in having regrets. No use crying over spilled milk, ne? Anyway, I’d like to share with the blogosphere my experience with Invisalign. I’m not finish yet, I have three months left. But, I should have been done a few months ago. It’s my fault and I’ll get into that later. It’s not all negative, I promise!

Invisalign is way to straighten your teeth without the look of traditional braces. They use clear plastic trays that completely cover your teeth, much a like a retainer. You wear a tray for two weeks then switch to the next tray and so on and so on. How do they do it? First, they take impressions of your teeth. Then send them out to make the trays, customized just for you. Every few weeks, your orthodontist will check in on you and make your teeth are progressing properly. Sounds good, ne?

As they say, do you want the bad news or the good news, first? Usually, you want to hear the bad news, so let’s do just that. You may have to put what the orthodontist calls “buttons” or “attachments” onto your teeth. No worries your dentist will make them match the color of your teeth, so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. But, they may feel annoying or bothersome at first. These buttons are used to anchor the Invisalign trays; it’s supposed to move your teeth around more effectively. They usually stay on for the entire time, by however long your treatment is and are buffed away after you complete your Invisalign treatment. One of the things I hate and love the most with Invisalign, is the fact that you need to brush your teeth all the time! Bad, because it can be so troublesome and annoying, especially if you are out with friends. Good, because you have fresh breath throughout the day. Which is always nice! 😉 And your teeth are guaranteed to look amazing! Pearly whites! Every time you eat, you brush afterwards, so that means less staining! Woo! So, keep that in mind! It’s great you can take it off your aligner and pop them back on easily, just make sure you brush well! I’ve heard stories of others not brushing their teeth and just putting back their trays in. But I do not suggest that and it’s somewhat unsanitary too. You might get cavities or worse. Might being the keyword here, but don’t do it!!! Not worth the money or risk! It is quite easy to become lazy about putting back your trays on. The first several months, I was extremely diligent with brushing my teeth, putting them back in and wearing them for the recommended time frame every single day, which is 22 hours. But, I eventually started getting really lazy and started to wear them for only maybe 12-15 hours a day. Sometimes I forget to put them in before I sleep. So, that’s definitely a con. It’s also one of the main reasons I am not done with my Invisalign treatment. To snowball on top of that, I went on vacation for a whole month and I accidentally did not bring my next tray but the next two trays after that. I was completely screwed and I only remembered when we were boarding our plane. If you think you will not be diligent with all the brushing, flossing too and remembering to properly wear your trays–I recommend you not try out Invisalign. It will not be worthwhile for you. So, those were the cons, not too bad right?

Woo!!! Positives!!! They are clear! Well, despite the buttons and attachments but those are supposed to blend in with your natural shade of your teeth, so I wouldn’t mind them too much–you’ll get used to them. For the first few months no one really knew I had Invisalign and they only noticed by staring at my mouth for an extended period of time. (Creeper! Hehe. ^^;;;) It’s definitely a plus and I felt too old to be wearing braces. If this doesn’t bother you whatsoever, I’d go with the regular standard metal braces. But, because I felt I would be too self conscious, I opted for Invisalign. While this may not be the best reason to go for Invisalign, it is definitely one of the main reasons you may want Invisalign. It honestly depends on you as an individual! Ask yourself, “What would make you the most comfortable?” Especially since once you make your decision you’re going to want to stay committed to that decision. The whole process of straightening teeth takes up to several months to a couple of years. I mentioned above, how much I love that you can take your Invisalign trays off. Which ironically is a blessing and also a curse. However, it is really nice if you have a special occasion to attend or maybe you are spending the day with friends or your significant other–you can always pop them off and on whenever needed. Plus, you can eat whatever you want! With standard braces there are foods you can no longer eat because those foods can potentially break your brackets. Such as, eating a whole apple, gum, pop corn and basically anything that is sticky, like candy. A lot of my friends that have or had braces, said they hated that they had to give up certain foods. Most importantly, not only is it clear, it really does move your teeth! I was skeptical because I’ve heard others saying that Invisalign only works in some cases, which is probably true, but it definitely works out for me. I had over-crowded teeth, my teeth were tilting to the side, towards the center of my mouth. I also had a slight overbite.

So, was it worth it? I would say, yes! I could see my teeth straightening out and every time I looked at my smile, I felt more confident and no longer self conscious when talking with others. I was really self conscious about my front teeth because my teeth became over-crowed and overlapped, as a result of my wisdom teeth coming in without the necessary space for them to grow into. I started to smile less and I was constantly hold my hand over my mouth to hide my crooked teeth. I would never thought how much of a boost of self confidence straight teeth would give me. I can understand that sounds a little vain. But, to each their own right?

Let’s talk price! Invisalign is definitely more expensive than traditional metal braces. The prices do vary, but I had to pay about $5000, that is without insurance. My insurance covered about $1000. It’s definitely not inexpensive, but I still think it was worth it. It did the job so far. However, I do need to point out Invisalign has a hard time pulling down teeth. Which is my problem right now, two of my teeth aren’t moving downwards, while the rest of the teeth are straightening out just fine. My orthodontist gave me several options in order to fix this problem. First, after finishing my initial Invisalign treatment, they would take impressions of my teeth once more and focus on moving those two teeth downwards. Second, put a epoxy on those two teeth, so I could see how my teeth would look like if they were pulled downwards. Finally, the third option is to get veneers for those two teeth. I haven’t really made a decision, but I think I’m leaning towards the second option. That way I can see if I like my smile with the two teeth “pulled” down without the permanent effects of say, the veneers.

Since I’m not done with my Invisalign, I’ll definitely make a follow-up post when I’m completely done! I really do like Invisalign, it does the job without the feeling of having brackets in the way. I know I would of felt more comfortable wearing my Invisalign trays compared to wearing the standard metal braces. It’s all about what makes you happier and more comfortable. In my case, Invisalign was a good option for me. But, I am not you! I’m not ragging on braces because they get the job done too. Each option has both pros and cons. Chose accordingly! Either one will give you the smile you desire. ^^

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope you look forward to more from us in the future!