NOTD: NCLA Self-Adhesive Designer Nail Wraps in Dunes (Impressions)

Yup, I’m already back with another NOTD. I was not kidding when I said I change my nail polish a lot!!! LOL.



If you saw my last OOTD, then you already saw a picture of these bad boys. I bought these nail wraps on Little Black Bag, but you can easily find them on their website: They are $16+ on their website but I believe they were cheaper when they were featured on Little Black Bag. It only took me about how many months to finally use this product. But if know me, the only reason that is the case is because I have a massive nail polish collection to chose from. Too many choices, I’m indecisive! Anyway, out of all the nail wraps that were feature on LLB the one that appealed to me the most was Dunes. It looked like the water marble nails that were all the rage a few years back. Since I would not have the patience to do this or want to “waste” that much nail polish in order to do so, these nail wraps totally had fit the bill. At first, when I saw this product, I thought it was pretty cool, but I had a feeling it would be hard to perfectly match the wraps onto my nails. Surprisingly, I was totally wrong. These nail wraps are actually really easy to put on. Instructions are as followed:

1. Clean your nails with nail polish remover. Apply a coat of (your favorite) clear nail polish. (NCLA Gloss It recommended.) LET DRY!

2. Choose correct size for each nail. Peel from the sheet by the flap. Wraps can be worn bottoms up!

3. Apply the round side against the cuticle. Nail wrap can be removed and stretched to fit perfectly.

4. Once in position, firmly flatten the wrap starting from the cuticle. Repeat to remove all air bubbles, until completely flat.

5. Use the nail file to remove any excess. File in a downward motion. Apply another coat of clear polish for seal and shine! Repeat on all nails.

Pretty simple, ne? I also recommend you use some sort of base coat because to remove these nail wraps, you have to peel them off your nails. So, protect your nails, ladies! ^^ As for trying to find the right wrap size for your nail, it can be a little tricky! I ended up choosing wraps that were a little too small for my nails. The instructions say you can stretch the nail wrap to fit your nail. While that may be true, it much easier to stretch them out length wise but not so much width wise. I stretched them width wise too much which resulted in me tearing the wrap! So, be gentle, they can stretch quite a bit but nothing drastic. You can definitely flip them around if you want, just as the instructions say, but there is this little tab on that end. I just folded that piece under but you can cut it off if you want, that is just more work for you, however. If you mess up, say miss your nail completely, just lift the wrap off carefully and rearrange them as desired, they come off rather easily. Make sure your base coat is completely dry!!! I didn’t wait long enough and the wrap started to pull my base coat off when I tried to fix my mistakes. Once you got those freaking suckers on, flatten them starting from your cuticle to the edge of your nail. Try your best to do this step carefully, or you will end up with awkward looking bumps and folds–no fun!!! After that, take the nail file they provided and swiftly, (no hesitation!!!) in one fluid motion swipe down at the edge of your nails to remove the excess. It takes some time getting used to, but it’s rather easy after a few times. I find that doing it once in a quick fashion makes a cleaner edge. Then apply your top coat as usual. Protect and Shine! That should seal down your design and you are ready to take on the rest of your day. It can be a little time consuming at first, but I bet I could do this in like 25 to 30 minutes, start to finish, easily. Even less if I’m really wanted.

What I really enjoyed about these nail wraps are they provide you with really unique designs that if done with regular nail polish would take a considerable amount of time (Ain’t no one got time for that!!! LOL.) and patience to get the details perfect or at least reasonable. Not to mentioned, it can require lots of different nail polishes–colors, finishes, textures–dear lord, it’s too much. Plus, it’s great for that inner lazy girl inside all of us. Don’t lie, I know you ladies know what I’m talking about! Hehe. Well, most of  you…haha. Moving on!!

Bottom Line:

Price: Ouch. It is kinda expensive. $16+. You do however, get two sheets of nail wraps and standard nail file. You could probably get two uses out of this for sure and maybe four times if you really are careful about using and applying them.

Accessibility: So far I’ve seen these only online. I do remember seeing the brand, NCLA in Little Tokyo, LA. But other that, I’m not sure where you can buy these in-store. 😦

How long do they last? Quite long actually, but since I’m pretty brutal with my nails, the edges started to peel off after a week.

Ease of Use: Simple and forgiving. If you mess up applying they easily lift off and you reapply them again. If the size is too small you can stretch them out a few cms, I would say. Though, if you pick a nail wrap that is too big for your nail, I suggest trying to find another nail to put it on. If that doesn’t work trash it and try again. You can try cutting them down yourself but it that seems to defeat the purpose a little. =/

Overall: These are super cute on the nails and it looks like you spend hours on your nails. Effortlessness in a sheet of stickers!!! I know I keep calling them wraps just because that is what they are called but they are really just stickers! Co-owner and friend, thought I had actually water marbled my nails until I told her they were just nail wraps. Can’t get any better than that! I then said to her, “Though is it hard to get the nail wrap to perfectly cover the entire nail.” She replied with, “It really doesn’t matter now that I think about it because even when you apply nail polish on your nails, you don’t get the polish perfectly to the edges anyway.” True dat! Nothing is perfect in this world, I guess I should stop using this word. Hehe. ^-^

This product is definitely, Mar approved!! Despite the price. Meep.

And, here be more pictures! Meow! Too much caffeine, lol.NLCA_SHOW2

Another close-up shot.NCLA_OFF

A shot of me removing the nail wraps. As you can see pulling off the nail wraps somewhat damaged my nails. But, I buffed my nails out and they’re just fine now. ^-^ NCLA_REMENANTS

The remnants of the nail wraps after removing them from my nails. It looks like an abstract piece of artwork! lol.

Till next time,


NOTD Reverse Glitter Ombre using #2 Kiss of Fire (Etude House)

*a wild Marissa appears!!* I’m such an nerd. 😛

Hi, everyone! I’m on my way out to run some late morning errands and I decided to do a little blog before I leave. I am the type of person who would constantly change her nails much like I do underwear. Hyperbole much? LOL. But, I honestly can’t wear the same nail polish or style for too long, no matter how much I liked it. I remember I did Bubzbeauty’s Floral Nails which took me like two hours for me to do and after like a week or so I had to move on to something else. I’ll start picking at it and afterwards it doesn’t look very pretty. Pretty, is like everything I stand for!? Hahaha, jk. Anyway, my mum noticed that I had changed my nails and exclaimed, “Marissa, what did you do your nails!!! Didn’t it take you forever to do that?!” Haha, oh mother.

After looking at my plain bare nails for past two days, I decided I had to do something. Since I still can’t find my nail polishes in the cave of no return AKA my garage, I thought why not use Etude House’s JuicyCocktail #2 Kiss of Fire in a different way? I was thinking of using glitter polish on a couple of nails as like accent but I ended up doing a reverse glitter ombre. I have to say I think I like it reversed more so than having the tips of the nails be glittery. Cool, ne?

Bonus!! While I was rearranging my room I found these NCLA Self-Adhesive Designer Nail Wraps, which I had received with my Little Black Bag from a few months back. Can’t wait to use those next! W00t! W00t!! By the way, does anyone use Little Black Bag? I don’t think I really like their new VIP package deal thing they just implemented. I miss the $29.95 or $49.95 fixed price bag. Sigh. Oh wells.

Well, I’ll catch ya guys later! I really need to head out, enjoy the shameless pictures!!





VSair-optix-night-and-day,gNwYTM,wIjN,zEDNWhich one is better?

Marissa here! I was thinking the other day, about how I love my new contacts. I’m so happy that my optometrist recommended them to me. I’ve been wearing contacts for most of my life. I started wearing them in middle school at around the age of 13. When I first starting wearing contacts I never had to use eye drops. Nowadays, my eyes just don’t feel as moisturized as they did when I was younger. After a few hours of wearing my contacts, I would start to feel uncomfortable. The urge to rub my scratchy red eyes would increase. The problem is when I take a nap, either voluntarily or accidentally with my contacts on. I’d wake up feeling like someone glued the darn contacts onto my eyeballs. Not fun. I’ve used a few different types of contacts before but for the longest time, I have been using the Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus. When I first switched over, to this brand, I really did like them. They kept my eyes moist and I could wear them for most of the day without feeling uncomfortable. This is even with staring at the computer screen for hours, when I am designing or just surfing. But, I still had a problem because of my frequent cat naps. I have cat tendencies, I swear I must of been a cat in my past life!! LOL. After I woke up from my naps, my Acuvue Oasys contacts were rendered useless. I would try to re-moisturize and clean my contacts with my Renu Clear Multi-Purpose Solution but to no avail. They became extremely uncomfortable to wear and after I took them out, I would rub my eyes feverishly to feel relief from the scratchy lenses. So I desperately tried not to fall asleep with my contacts on, but I was in college and naps and sleeping were definitely needed at times. I ended up wasting a lot of pairs of contacts and I’m sure you know that contacts aren’t exactly inexpensive. It was annoying and I was kinda of fed up but I continued to use Acuvue Oasys w/ Hydraclear.

Then just a few months ago, I needed a eye exam. So, instead of going to my usual place I decided to go to my local hospital because they take my insurance. They told me the my Acuvue Osays weren’t exactly the right diameter for my eye circumference. The optometrist had said when I blink the contacts should shift side to side, then return back to the middle of my eye. Truthfully honest, I’m not completely sure what it all means. But, they told me they were going to switch my contacts to, Air Optix Night & Day. I was apprehensive, at first, because I was just so used to my Acuvue Oasys. But, man!!! These contacts are so AMAZING!!! It feels like I wasn’t wearing anything on my eyes at all and sometimes I’d forget that they are still in there. Best of all, you can sleep in them!! I can take all the cat naps I want to now. No more feeling like my contacts are cemented to my eyes or rubbing my eyes like a mad woman because of the itchiness. My eyes can finally breathe!! If you have any of the problems I have mentioned above, I highly recommend you ask your optometrist about Air Optix Night & Day. They are more expensive, technically! These particular contacts are worn for a month. While the Acuvue Oasys are worn every two weeks. Since you wear them for a month in the long run you are actually saving money! I spend about $200+ for a year supply of Optix Night & Day. While I’d pay about $150+ every 6 months for my Acuvue Oasys.

Tell me, do you wear contacts? What brands worked for you? I’m quite happy with my Air Optixs. 🙂

Bottom Line:

Acuvue Oasys w/ Hydraclear Plus is easily available, they are comfortable just don’t sleep in them!! To be honest, that’s a rule for a lot of contact lenses. Unless, stated otherwise don’t sleep in your contacts! I just happen to be a little careless, I like taking naps and I just don’t care, sometimes. Don’t be like me! 😛 They’re relativity inexpensive. However, you do need to replace them every two weeks.

Air Optix Night & Day is a brand I haven’t seen quite as much as the Acuvue Oasys. (Though,  I did see them at Costco the other day.) I had to order mine. But, the shipping was so quick, I didn’t even care. They are extremely comfortable even if you wear them all day and in my case, even while looking at a computer screen all day. These type of contacts are replaced every month and in the long run are cheaper than the Acuvue Oasys.

I hope you enjoyed this little impromptu review, please look for more from us in the future! ^-^