Etude House – Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails in #2 Kiss of Fire (Review)


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NOTD Reverse Glitter Ombre using #2 Kiss of Fire (Etude House)

Whoa, it’s been a while!! Sorry about that. I know I promised a Urban Decay review but I recently moved and a lot of my possessions have been shuffled around quite a bit. I’ll have to re-shoot everything and hopefully I’ll get around to it. Anyway, I was chilling a few days ago and decided to do my nails but I wasn’t sure what color or style I had wanted. I knew most of my nail polishes were stored in the garage. -.-;;; Then I remembered I bought a gradation nail kit from Etude House when I was in the Philippines. (Did I mention I was Filipino? I am. lol) I just happened to leave it in my purse, so I had it on hand. I thought, “Perfect! It’s a nice time for a review!!” So, to make it up to you guys, I present to you, Etude House’s Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails in #2 Kiss of Fire!


Such adorable packaging!! On right, my favorite base and top coat from OPI.

First of all, holy batman, that’s a long name. Haha. I heard a lot of positive reviews of Etude House from various forums, sites and most of all, from a lot beauty gurus on the youtube. (lol.) But, the only way I could try any of their products was online and was kind of a hassle so I never got around to buying any of their products. When I was in the Philippines and I saw they had Etude House, I squealed like a little school girl. I get excited about make-up, what can I say? They also had, Skin Food, Laneige (I love their Water Sleeping Mask!!!) and various Japanese brands like Majolica Majorca. I wish they had stores here in the US because it’s really hard to find just the products themselves, even in LA.


So, what’s Etude House? As you can guess they’re a cosmetics line based in Korea. They’re known for there cute packaging and great quality products. Look at these photos, they’re super adorable.


On with the review! The kit comes with three mini sized nail polishes. The tops of the polishes are marked by numbers (one to three) indicating which polish to apply first and so on. The instructions are in Korean but the pictures shows exactly what you need to do, so it’s pretty straight forward.


I can’t read Korean, but pictures are stronger than words.


Numbered just in case, good idea!

Start off with a base coat to protect our nails. I used OPI’s Start to Finish Base & Top Coat. Apply polish number one completely over your nails. It’s pretty sheer so a couple coats are needed. Remember try to keep the coats thin as possible to avoid bubbling. Wait till it drys completely.


This is with one coat of  nail polish no. 1, pretty sheer, isn’t? This color definitely would make a good base for a french tip manicure.


This is with three to four coats of nail polish no. 1.


One coat of nail polish no.2 over the three-four coats of nail polish no. 1. Starting to see the gradation!!! 🙂

Then apply polish number 2 on two-thirds of your nails. Waiting game once again. But, you’ll start to see the gradation magic happening.


Nail polish no. 3 on the tips of the nails finishes the gradation, so sparkly!!!

Next apply polish number 3 to the tips of your nails. Since the nail polish has huge chunks of glitter I suggest dabbing it on instead of brushing it on. More product will adhere to the nail.
Finally, end with a top coat to prevent chipping. All that hard work shouldn’t go to waste! My friend, Debbie (co-owner of hereforthepretty) mentioned it looks like a glitter ombre. Good name for this look, ne?

These colors really have a princess-like feel to them. It’s sparkly and girly. The color scheme reminds me of Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry OPI collection. Even though they are both quite different. I think it’s that shimmery glitter quality they both have. The first polish is a sheer champagne-peachy pink with a slight shimmer to it. Polish number two is very similar in color to number one but a little darker with lots of tiny specks of glitter and has iridescent sheen to it. Lastly, polish number 3, is a chunky pale pink glitter. When it catches the light it glimmers from silver to gold to pink and back again.


I thought I’d provide a picture of the process on paper you so can see gradation a little better.


Close up shot of my thumb with the finished gradation.

What I really like about this kit is it’s easy, it’s simple, elegant and effortless. Plus, who doesn’t like glitter!? I catch myself looking at my nails all the time because it’s pretty and sparkly, especially when its hits the light just right. The packaging is adorable and eye-catching. The instructions are really easy follow and the nail polishes are marked just in case you forget which is which. Best of all, the results are just as advertised. I paid about 500 PHP which is about 12 USD, so it’s pretty reasonable. If you don’t have an Etude House in your location you can easily find these sets online, with the prices varying–I think I saw this on Amazon for about the same price I paid for, including shipping. Just be careful when ordering online and make sure the seller you are buying from is reliable. I’ve purchased a palette off Amazon UK and it ended up being a fake! Anyway, they’re five other sets to the Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails line, ranging for blues, purples, oranges, to silver and gold. So this line is very appealing to a large number of individuals because of the variation offered. I give this set the Mar Stamp of approval! Fufufufu!!


Another shoot of the final look! Don’t forget the top coat. Ignore the emails, I get so many I just don’t bother with it. It drives me friends nuts that I don’t delete them, sorry if you’re the same way! lol. -.-;;;;

Hope you enjoyed the review, look forward to more from us!