L’oreal Paris, Project Runway Limted Edition, Electric Fantasie Eyeshadow Quads: The Muse’s Gaze 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! It’s Black Friday and I’ll actually heading out soon, into the madness, but not to shop, to work!!. Before I leave, here’s a review for you guys! I made it beforehand, so enjoy!!!

After work (Whoa, I can say that now!!! ^^;;;), I went to my local Target just to browse, not really to shop–I just wanted to unwind a little bit. I saw a few things that I really liked, but I thought to myself I could honestly just DIY it and save myself some monies. As I was about to leave, I did one more pass by the beauty make-up section. I know I have a problem, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was addict. Haha. All jokes aside, I saw that Target had re-stocked the L’oreal Paris, Project Runway Limited Edition palettes, nail polishes, lip-glosses and nail decals. I was hoping to see items from the Artistic Muse theme. Luckily for me, there was one palette left, for me to grab. The best part was the price!!! $5.99 for a palette is very reasonable! The price is just shy of the limited edition Wet n’ Wild palettes, which they had earlier this past year. I have Lust (beautiful shades of purples) and Vanity (a really nice dupe of the Naked Palette 1). Those were priced at about $4.99. I wish I bought more because the pigmentation rivals that of Urban Decay eye-shadows. So, does the this particular palette fair against all of the other drugstore and high end products out there? I would, say it’s pretty good. It has its low points and high points. It does not have the most pigmentation compared to Urban Decay or even the Wet n’ Wild palettes, but this means you build up the color to your liking and there’s a little more leeway for mistakes. Especially for someone who is still learning how to apply makeup.

1. Under indirect sunlight. 2. Under direct sunlight 3. Under fluorescent lighting.

Personally, It was really fun playing with this palette. The colors available are those I don’t normally use which, is why I was so drawn to this palette in the first place. Does anyone want to see how I used this palette on myself or even any other make up tutorials? I’m not, OMG-you-are-so-amazing-at-make-up, but I think I do a pretty damn good job. Comment down below, if you want me too! ^-^

1. Aquamarine 2. Coppery Gold 3. Warm Pink Coral 4. Dark Forest Green

Back to the palette, there are of course four shades, which includes: an aquamarine color, a coppery gold, a warm pink coral and a dark forest green (top to bottom, left to right). Each have a slight shimmer to them, but nothing outrageous, they almost glow, if that makes sense. The colors really pair well together even though at first glance, it may seem like they don’t. It’s such a great combo! Plus, the coppery gold color really ties them all together. They mesh!!! That’s the word! MESH!!! LOL.

Pigmentation: Light-Medium
Color Range: Light-Medium
Price: UBER Reasonable. Such a steal!
Portability: Strong. The palette has a snap closure, is small and compact. Perfect for on-the-go.
Versatility: Geared towards daytime, everyday makeup application, but can be translated to a nighttime look by layering the eye-shadows. The dark forest green look would be wonderful for a edgy smokey eye, while the other three colors could be used as an accent.

Bottom Line: I’m sold! It’s really a nice palette, that has colors I think any skintone could wear. While they may not be the most pigmented eyeshadows out in the market, they are indeed buildable, depending on what kind of look you are trying to achieve. The eyeshadows are blendable, which is great for other make-up looks. The price is super reasonable and definitely affordable. The packaging is striking and clear, so you can see the product before purchasing. It’s not flimsy and can shoved in your purse for on-the-go makeup application. While this palette is much more geared towards daytime looks and everyday make-up application, I think if you use the dark forest green color you can definitely make a stunning smokey eye look. Stamp of Mar-approval!!! Though I think this is more suited for a subtle look more than anything else. But, still good! Hehe! ^-^

I have another makeup product review in the works! Hint: Opposite of suburban. Too easy, huh? I totally gave that away. Also, I did a little experiment while I was in Sephora. Make Up Forever VS Urban Decay eyeliners. So stayed tuned!!! Thank you for reading! Woo-hoo! ^^