Welcome to, Here For The Pretty!

After weeks of researching and designing, Here For The Pretty is ready for an initial launch.

My name is Marissa and I am one of the blog’s owners. Nice to meet you all! I have a background in Graphic Design and I absolutely have a passion for web design and development.  My ideal career would be as a UI Designer (User Interface Designer).  I love that you can create something out of practically nothing or as seen as nothing.

I started this blog with my dear friend, because we always had our own opinion when it came to the fashion we wear and the make-up we try and also use on a daily basis. Since these experiences happen to us, we figured that it might also happen to other individuals. So, we thought, “Why not let others, know what our experiences were for [insert product/fashion item here]?”

Hence forth, Here For The Pretty was born. Does anyone get the name? I’m quite curious is anyone got it, because we wondered if it would.

My interests in fashion can be described as Classic with a Twist. I love using classics, such as the little black dress and make it a day look for work using a blazer, for example. But easily translate such a look into nighttime. My typical makeup look would be neutral browns for the eyes, a swish of intense black mascara, classic winged eyeliner and a berry red color for my lips.

Anyway, not to drag this any longer than necessary, I hope you’ll forward to our reviews and such in the future!

Sincerely yours,